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Bombay BBQ Co. creates unique experiences of the highest quality



Coupled with innovative, professional, presentation and logistical event expertise


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100% Halal Food. High-Quality Fresh Ingredients.
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Company Overview

For over years, we have dedicated ourselves to preparing one of the life’s most basic pleasures for you to enjoy

At Bombay BBQ Restaurant, there is no substitute for flavor, freshness or quality. We offer a great selection of food from traditional and authentic cooking to fascinating enjoyment. We are honored that you have chosen to visit us here.

We realize there are many dining choices available to you, but we hope our passion to satisfy will make you one of our closest friends. Bombay BBQ Restaurant creates unique experiences of the highest quality, coupled with innovative, professional, presentation and logistical event expertise.

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Our mission is to bring you honest, delicious food the combines ingredients you’d find in a fine dining kitchen with the love and laissez-faire feel of backyard pop-up.

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Our Most Loved Foods


Fresh & Tasty Food

Instead of relying on fast food, why not indulge in something fresh and delicious? Our commitment to quality means that our food is always made fresh with the finest ingredients. We only use the freshest meat and fire-grill each order to perfection. Enjoy the difference with our fresh and flavorful dishes - fresher and tastier than ever!


Healthy Food

Our Platters and Wraps are masterfully crafted with luscious flavors and carefully selected ingredients. Our goal is to provide you with delicious, nourishing food that enhances your quality of life!


Hygienic Foods

Our primary concentration is to manage and prepare the food with the utmost hygiene in mind.